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Private cloud

Security matters a lot while communicating and sharing information and documents. If you are running a business or an entrepreneur or working from home and you want to have a secure source of sharing data and communication, Blue Taurus Communications has a solution to this issue. We offer you private cloud services so that you can work in a proprietary environment without having fear of losing privacy.

Private cloud is a computing model

A private cloud is a computing model that offers you a sense of privacy and isolation from other organizations using resources. It provides you the control of on-premises IT infrastructure and assists you in keeping all your files and documents secure. Blue Taurus Communications’ private cloud computing environment offers you scalability, elasticity, and effortless delivery of services. By choosing us as your private cloud provider, you are able to have the flexibility and can move your workloads to the public cloud if needed or can run them as a hybrid cloud. If your work capacity includes confidential documents, intellectual properties, financial data, or any other sort of sensitive information, you can choose the private cloud offered by Blue Taurus Communication.

Customize servers with full security

We ensure the safety of your personal information. You can have isolated access to the resources as the private cloud is a single-tenant environment. To optimize the utilization of resources well, the private cloud is built on technologies that include virtualization, software management, and automation. With the help of these technologies, you are able to use the IT resources to increase the elasticity and dexterity of the private cloud. Private cloud offered by Blue Taurus Communications delivers you a lot of benefits. You are able to have full control over your software and hardware choices. Through the custom development of Blue Taurus Communications, you can have the freedom to easily customize servers with full security and access control.