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Introducing XCaaS from Blue Taurus

XCaaS solutions — collectively referred to as the X Series — helps to support every aspect of your business.

Business Phone: Leverage cloud private branch exchange (PBX) to more effectively onboard employees, manage and scale your voice services.

Team Chat: Easily access your conversations with your contacts, whether they are your colleagues on the same phone system or an external chat application.

Contact Center: Connect and collaborate with agents, employees, and customers with ease.

Video Conferencing: Securely hold video conferences with reliable connectivity and dozens of easy-to-use features.

SMS: Tap into cloud-based calling to cut costs and give your employees more tools to collaborate with colleagues and support customers.  

Analytics: Make timely, data-driven decisions with clear, aggregated analytics across all of your cloud communications from Blue Taurus single platform.

Integrations: Bring voice, video, and chat to the applications you use every day with an array of business application integrations, including Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, Azure, and more.

APIs: Create more engaging customer experiences at scale with SMS, chat apps, video, and voice APIs.


What does XCaaS do?

In short, Blue Taurus XCaaS erases the boundary between siloed solutions to bring employee and customer communications together.

Enable company-wide collaboration and global telephony with shared real-time presence and seamless transfers between voice, video, and chat interactions.

Rely on consistent, global service delivery backed by a platform-wide SLA covering business communications and contact center.

 Administer and analyze centrally with a single configuration console, single-pane system-wide monitoring, and cross-platform analytics and insights.

Set employees and customers free by connecting them with a single app for all modes of communication — voice, video, chat, contact center, and more — running on the Blue Taurus Open Communications Platform in the cloud.

Embed contextual global communications into platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, and integrate with the enterprise ecosystem.

What XCaaS means for businesses

Help your SMB clients join the group of businesses benefitting from having a unified solution. According to Metrigy, those using an integrated, cloud unified communications and contact center solution from a single vendor reported:

 Nearly 100 percent revenue improvement

 14 percent cost decrease

 57 percent customer experience rating improvement

 37 percent agent efficiency improvement